The Digital Makerspace is an online project platform where the science, entrepreneur, and technology communities come together to co-create projects with an exponential impact on conservation.

Conservation is struggling to keep pace with today’s environmental problems, which are becoming exponentially worse with population growth and increasing resource use. The Digital Makerspace (DMS) is a community dedicated to bringing conservation into the 21st century by collaborating on tech projects that will end human-induced extinction.

The DMS is a workshop, a collaboration space, and a project pipeline where ideas can be born, tested, and developed. Our community members work together to define the problems, propose solutions, and complete the tasks to bring a project from simple idea to full-fledged product. The DMS community isn't just online: our network of partners provide opportunities for hands-on testing in the field, in laboratories, and in maker spaces across the world. We believe that open innovation, diversity of disciplines, and community engagement are key to generating world-changing ideas, and that many minds working together can refine them. Our goal is for projects born in the Digital Makerspace to evolve into financially sustainable, viable products that will impact the drivers of extinction.